Thomas R. Wood, Directional Drilling Consultant

Thomas R. Wood, Consulting Petroleum Geologist, graduated from Kent State University in 1977 with a B.S. in Geology and Conservation of Natural Resources. Mr. Wood has 26 years of oil and gas well experience in Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York where he has supervised the drilling and completion of over 1700 wells. Since 1991, he has successfully drilled and completed 262 directionally drilled Clinton sandstone and Rose Run/Trempealeau wells for Bass Energy and other industry clients. Mr. Wood has drilled over 50% of all directionally drilled oil and gas wells in Ohio, most of which are located in highly urbanized northeast Ohio communities. Mr. Wood currently serves as Vice President of Frontier Resources, Inc. which he co-founded in 1985. Prior to forming Frontier Resources, Inc. he served as Vice President of Exploration (1984-1985) and Vice President of Operations (1983-1984) of Yankee Exploration, Inc. and Vice President of Operations of Earth Resources Exploration and Development Corporation (1978-83). Mr. Wood is a Certified Professional Geologist (AIPG #6928) and a Certified Petroleum Geologist (AAPG #4355). Mr. Wood is also a Registered Professional Geologist in Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

Ronald A. Gibson, Engineering Consulant

Ronald A. Gibson, P.E., graduated from the Ohio State University with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering (Petroleum Option) in 1981. Mr. Gibson has 23 years of diverse oil and gas industry experience in petroleum reservoir, production, drilling engineering, and oil and gas finance. Mr. Gibson has conducted reserve evaluations on over 5,000 Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania wells and gas delivery tests on over 500 Ohio storage wells. Mr. Gibson has served as President of Ronald A. Gibson & Associates, Inc. since 1988 providing engineering, evaluation and troubleshooting services for Bass Energy and other industry clients. Prior industry experience includes Energy Lending Officer for Ameritrust Bank NA (1986-88) and various reservoir and drilling engineer positions with Phillips Petroleum (1981-86). Mr. Gibson is a Registered Professional Engineer in Ohio (#52496) and Colorado (#24024).