Well must be located on a minimum of 20 acres, be 300' from contiguous property lines, 150' from occupied buildings and 50' from public roads. Adjoining property owners can be pooled into a drilling unit to meet acreage and setback requirements. Property owners have complete control over where a well, well equipment and pipelines are located, landscaped and screened.

The Clinton Sand is found at a depth of about 3,000'-3,800' in northeast Ohio. A drilling rig is on site 5-7 days. Drilling operations are conducted around the clock until total well depth is reached. Well completion, surface equipment installation, pipelining and restoration are performed during normal hours and will take about 60 days to complete after drilling, depending on weather and any unforeseen circumstances.

A good northeast Ohio well will produce 200,000 MCF of gas over a period of 10 years. Landowner royalty checks will depend on the actual volumes of oil and gas sold and the current market prices. A typical well produces about 50% of its total reserves during the first three years of production and may last up to 25 year or more.

During drilling operations the work areas is fenced and signs posted. ODNR well inspectors are on-site during drilling operations to inspect drilling location, test blow out equipment and to witness surface casing installation. Drilling pits are solidified and closed within two weeks. Oil storage tanks are equipped with vaccuum lids and flame arrestors. Emergency numbers are permanantly posted at the wellhead and tank battery. Well site are tended daily by Bass personnel. Bass also provides periodic well safety training to local emergency responders. See our Safety & Environment section for more information.

Gas wells are silent and odorless. Oil storage tank vent pipes are equipped if necessary with a charcoal vapor scrub unit to eliminate any potential petroleum odor when oil is produced into the tank.

Bass Energy, Inc. carries a $5,000,000 public liability insurance policy and provides an annual certificate of insurance to all property owner will wells.

Bass Energy and its partners bear 100% of the cost to drill, complete, operate and maintain each well.

Just call our office and ask! You can reach us at 330-869-0870 or by e-mail at: [email protected].