Please notify us right away by contacting our Accounting Department. We will need future contact information for you to make sure you receive any additional tax information or other communications. We also need to talk to the new owners of the property.The new owners will need to provide a copy of the deed showing the legal transfer of the property from you to them, and we'll need a tax id/social security number for tax reporting purposes and other contact information.

Each individual case may differ slightly, but generally we will need the following:
  1. Copy of the Will
  2. Copy of the Death Certificate
  3. Final Estate documents showing the legal transfer of the interest and/or property
  4. A List of legal names, addresses and social security numbers of the heirs.

Our Land Department can help with a variety of situations, just give us a call. Some common reasons to contact us are:
• If you get married or divorced
• If you put your interest in a Trust, or change the Trustee of your Trust.
• If you have any type of name change.
• If you want to transfer your ownership to someone else.
• If you have any questions regarding your oil and gas mineral rights.

Every situation is unique and we can provide you with the appropriate information for your situation.